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A range of web site which enable the calculation of Statistical principles.

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 Online Calculators EDGAR - Experimental Design Generator And Randomiser On-line software to randomise simple experimental designs.
  Gigacalculator - We have one of the largest selections of statistics calculators. Statistics is a fairly new field of study with great applications: from clinical trials to so-called artificial intelligence (AI) it has revolutionized the way we operate in the world. Our basic statistical calculators will help you in common tasks you might encounter and deal mostly with simple distributions. Free statistical calculators online
  NetMul - On-line multivariate analysis system.
  On-line Statistical Power Calculator. - Java applets for power and sample size
  Simple Interactive Statistical Analysis - This site has several on-line calculators including exact tests, distributions, and sample size calculators. They also offer excellent discussions of the topics that are implemented in the calculators.
  The Bonferroni Adjustment Online Calculator - If you are conducting multiple hypothesis tests within a study, you very likely will need to adjust your alpha level. Use this online calculator to calculate the alpha level without correcting for the possibility of a type I error and get the Bonferroni adjusted alpha level. If you have questions about whether you need to adjust or not, this page has an excellent discussion of the issues involved.
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