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Primal Therapy

A form of therapy based upon the theory of Arthur Janov. The procedure consists basically of an intense therapeutic interaction between client and therapist focused on a single goal. Painful situations get imprinted in our systems which carry the memory forward making our lives miserable. This is the cause of depression, phobias, panic and anxiety attacks and a whole host of symptoms that add to the misery.

London Association of Primal Psychotherapists - The organisation was founded in l986 by a group of therapists trained by Dr. Arthur Janov at the "l'Institut Primal Europeen" in Paris. We offer individual, couple and group psychotherapy. The organisation's work is based on the theories of Dr. Arthur Janov and Dr. Alice Miller who illustrated very powerfully how children can be traumatised both in their families and in institutions such as schools and hospitals.  4/5 In order to view the video you must have java script enabled in your browser!
Primal Therapy
Primal Institute of Los Angeles - The Primal Institute began operation as an outpatient clinic in 1968. It was co-founded by Dr. Arthur Janov and Vivian Janov. Today, the Institute is under the direction of its Executive Director, Vivian Janov, and it’s Associate Directors, Dr. Barry Bernfeld and Gretchen Castle-Bernfeld. The Primal Institute boasts a staff of therapists, many with over 20 years experience in the field of Primal Therapy.    3/5
Primal Psychotherapy - The aim of the site  is to contribute towards and foster discussion and exchange of ideas in all matters related to primal psychotherapy. That just about covers the whole of reality, so breathe easy! The site is being continually updated so please come back again.  3/5
Primal Spirit - Exploring the Interrelation Between Early Experience, Spirituality, Culture, Current Events, and Metaphysics.  2/5
Primal Therapy Centre of BC Canada - Primal Center in British Columbia, Canada. Related Sites. Primal Psychotherapy Page by John Speyrer. Best information Website about Primal and Regression.   3/5
Protective Nurture - A Commentary on the Value of Touch and Holding in Psychotherapy. 3/5
South African Primal Support Page  2/5
The Primal Psychotherapy Page Interviews Paul Vereshack, MD - The Primal Psychotherapy Page. Interviews. Paul Vereshack MD. 4/5
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